Eyes Wide Shut - Or Using Eye Tracking Technique to Test a Website

Annegrete Wulff


This presentation provides an introduction to the technique called "Eye Tracking" which Statistics Denmark has recently used to test the usability of its website user interface. Eye tracking is a tool used to analyse "human - computer" interaction. The user's eye movements and fixation time are both registered when this technique is used. However, whether the person actually perceives what the eyes are fixed on is not documented. Statistics Denmark has tested this method on ten users who were asked to carry out particular tasks on the website. It is open to discussion whether the method is strong enough to be used independently. Some of the results were quite persuasive and supported the comments from other users. However, we suggest that eye tracking should not be the only method employed, but it should be used in combination with more traditional usability methods such as, "think aloud" and follow-up interviews.

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