Some Component Generation Approaches for E-Governance Systems

Ratneshwer Ratneshwer, A K Tripathi


E-governance is a plan for the national interest and in order to meet its objectives within the given timescale, more and more applications, or at least some of their modules, must be reusable by other software. It is possible to reuse the solutions developed for one government, by another government. What is required at this stage is a move from more traditional software development to a reuse based development. Component-Based Development (CBD), an approach to develop a software system with the assistance of reusable software components, may help to reduce the development time and costs and will increase reliability and maintainability of such systems. This paper suggests some component development approaches for developing software components that can be reused in component based E-governance software systems. The proposed methodologies can be used as a reference model for the development of software components for E-governance solutions.

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