Assessment of a Flood Management Framework

Karin Hansson, Mats Danielson, Love Ekenberg


Computer models are increasingly being used in society in order to gain an understanding of complex scientific and social problems. Despite a vast quantity of available modelling schemes, policy evaluation still remains one of the unsolved problems associated with flood management. Simulation models are increasingly employed for this problem as well as forming a basis for decision making. However, these models are often stand-alone and generally lack decision support for the evaluation of management policy strategies. We have, therefore, during recent years been developing a multi-criteria based framework (SEMPAI), particularly designed for flood damage strategy assessment in developing countries. The framework consists of a simulation model, a set of coping strategies, and a decision analytical tool. Needless to say, there are many aspects of such policy strategies that must be taken into consideration. In this paper, we assess some proposed features for evaluating flood management solutions through a qualitative study.

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